St.Lucia - Helen of the west indies, lies roughly between 60 and 61 degrees west longitude and 13 and 14 degrees north latitude. This 238 square mile island is 21 miles from french island Martinique in the north, 26 miles from the island St.Vincent in the south and 108 miles from Barbados to the south east.

The island is centrally located, has one of the finest natural bays in the caribbean called Marigot Bay .It has been known to be a great trans-shipment terminal from time of history, because of its location. It's the home for the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) race which ends in Rodney Bay Marina in December.

St.Lucia is part of the british commonwealth since 1814 and has been independent since 22nd February,1979. The capital is Castries. It was destroyed by fire four times, the most recent one was in 1948.

The population of St.Lucia is approximately 174 thousand people. We do have a Head of State referred to as the Governor General and the head of government is the Prime Minister. We carry the same system like in England. We have elections every five years.

Our official language is English and local language is creole. Our highest point on island is Mount Gimie with a height of 3118 feet high. It was 30th June, 2004 besides having two nobel laureates for economics and literature, the Pitons were selected as one of the worlds heritage sites.
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